A magazine of Nigerian criticism, we represent a space of literary discourse that is serious-minded and grounded in critical analysis. We are also a space for language to thrive and illuminate our minds, doing the following: book reviews, culture writing, popular writing, and literary criticism.

We understand the current atrophy of mainstream criticism in Nigerian literature and want to avert it by curating the much-needed, quality literary journalism. We are conscious of the present cultural revolution in Nigeria with the entertainment industry already ahead; the literary industry experiencing its renaissance, patiently trailing behind. Our passion is a confluence of the pursuit of Nigerian criticism and to be a player in the promise of the new epoch of thought and change, with our art and literature at the centre.

What does art project? We raise and answer this question. We harbour no agenda nor pretensions in building trust with our readers. Our pursuit, therefore, is a candid but vigorous, in-depth reflection about art, society and literature, with a premium on erudition and accessible language.

We don’t agree with objectivity: it breeds passive language which says nothing. Every writer or scholar writes from their peculiar schooling and experience to birth the diversely relatable erudition that is our touchstone.

We sporadically publish fiction, essays, and poetry. See our Submissions page. For inquiries, write the editor at

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The Afapinen Team

Carl Terver

Founding Editor

Lyambee Aorabee

Onyedikachi Chinedu

Assistant Editors

Abah Onoja

Literary History Researcher


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