In The Small Universe of Beer Parlours


Every bottle is a placebo / Every man is a broken pearl

In the small universe of beer parlours

Every bottle is a placebo

Every man is a broken pearl

on sea-beds of mermaids

Ships set sail and sink in beer bottles

Misery is a phoenix on ashtray.

A patron sets St. Moritz on fire

A lady takes two bottles of lies and says yes

The night rejoices, fingers the moon 

& waits for lights out

A flaming cocktail reminds us to rest in peace – we do

What else would we have

When the next tombstone is raised?

Aondosoo Labe is a poet, writer and editor. His writing is largely inspired by personal experiences and urban nightlife, from an avant-garde perspective. He is the winner of the 2010 Beautiful Lines Poetry Prize and semi-finalist of the 2018 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize. His writing has appeared in Expound, Brittle Paper, ANA Review, Sevhage Reviews, SankofaMag, Quintessential Christian, and elsewhere. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @TaurusMayflower or reach him via WhatsApp on +2348099208880.